Christmas 2011 ~ Chicago Wedding Photographer

We just arrived back from an absolutely fabulous extended weekend back at home with my family for Christmas. We got to spend quality time with so many different people – aunts, uncles, grandma, cousins, siblings, niece & nephews, and my parents… it was sooo nice! We probably ate too much (my mom is an AMAZING cook!), had a few too many beverages (oops), and were spoiled a bit more than necessary with gifts (but I’m not complaining). All of these things reminded me even more than normal how truly blessed James and I are to have all these wonderful people in our lives that bring us so much joy.

Here is our weekend in pictures! 🙂 (**Warning – a LOT of photos to follow! Grab a cup of coffee & settle in!) 🙂


Christmas Eve with my Dad’s side of the family… started out the day decorating cookies with my mom!

Josh liked the look of the cookies!

I was loving my Grandma’s old-school wrapping!

Every year I can’t get over how beautiful my parent’s tree is…

Each ornament means something to my mom, and they have quite the collection after 38 years…

Please ignore the super-awkward child on the left… haha!

The table is set for Christmas Eve dinner!

The boys just love to pick on each other…

Chloe is spent!


On to Christmas Day celebrations… starting with my mom’s homemade stollen – a Christmas tradition!

I wanted Chloe to wear a Christmas bow – but it lasted about 2 seconds. Surprise, Surprise…

I think pinning my Christmas list was highly successful this year – mainly because I forgot what I pinned and then was super surprised when I opened gifts!

The amazing Christmas sunset!

I was disappointed when I realized that I didn’t take any photos of the fabulous meal my mom made, or of much of Christmas night for that matter. I guess I was too busy living in the moment & enjoying myself to document it – which is a good thing, I think! 🙂

These two having sibling rivalry down to an art form… getting ready to watch the Packers vs. Bears game! (We all know who won… obviously. *ahem*)

My aunt Mary made us delicious chocolate martinis… perfect compliment to a Packer victory to close out our Christmas night! 🙂


On to the day after Christmas… We had our extended family gathering at our family cabin/ski hill. Surprisingly there was still snow – and a lot of family in attendance from all over the country. I loved it!

Heading out for a walk around the land, and up the big hill!

How cute are these two?! 🙂

I told them to act like Vogue models in the wilderness. They’ve clearly done this before…

I just came in from outside & didn’t realize my lens was fogged up… I kind of love the ethereal glow of these two images though!!

I hope you all had equally wonderful weekends with your loved ones, and created memories to last a lifetime! 🙂 xo!

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