Ashley + Kurt ~ Chicago Engagement Photography

I met Ashley and Kurt for the first time in early November at their engagement session in Chicago (that they flew all the way in from Boston for)! We were SO lucky to have an absolutely gorgeous morning for their session. I seriously still can’t believe how warm it was for November! (Which was great at the time, but now I’m ready for winter… yes? Anybody else want snow by Christmas?! Pretty please!) Anyway – I digress! These two are so-so-soooo cute together. I can’t get over it! They’ve been together since they were seniors in high school, made it through long distance dating throughout college (we’re talking Nashville to Madison, WI long distance, people! So impressive!!), and just recently they moved to Boston where Kurt is now in business school.

I loved getting to know these two over the course of their session – and found it absolutely crazy how many mutual friends Ashley and I have from the time we both spent at UW Madison! It’s seriously nuts! After listing off all the people we both knew I was a little shocked that somehow she and I never crossed paths at Madison. Anyway – if our list of mutual friends says anything – it’s pretty obvious I hit it off with these two right away! They put up with my corny jokes and laughed along with me as I referred to something as “wicked.” (Or maybe they were laughing AT me…? I wouldn’t blame them, because I couldn’t believe that came out of my mouth either. I’m obviously super cool. Ha!)

Anyway – enough chatter! You guys have got to look at these two gorgeous people! They are so sweet and happy together – I absolutely love it. And I seriously cannot wait for their wedding at Ashley’s family’s home up on Lake Geneva next June!


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