Shaan + Katie ~ Bond Chapel Wedding ~ Chicago Interfaith Blessing (Day 3)

Well, here we are – at the last blog post from Katie and Shaan’s amazing 3-day wedding extravaganza! (You may go into withdrawal now that it’s over – I know I did!)

We ended the weekend on Sunday, September 11th, with a brunch at the Ritz Carlton in downtown Chicago, and then headed to Bond Chapel on the campus of the University of Chicago for an interfaith (Muslim & Catholic) blessing.

When Katie and Shaan emailed me about adding another event to their weekend and they mentioned wanting to do an interfaith blessing on Sunday – I nodded my head over and over as I read the email. What better way is there to spend the 10th anniversary of 9/11 than to celebrate the love of two people from different backgrounds, joining their lives together? To spend the day taking steps forward towards unity, love and mutual respect, instead of stepping backward into hatred and misunderstanding. Of course I said yes – I needed to be there, and commended them for honoring this day in such a moving and appropriate way.

And so here we are – the final day of their wedding weekend. Soak in all the love once again!


Of course we had to take advantage of the fabulous light and posh setting of the Ritz Carlton for a few portraits!!

It only felt appropriate to do a “power” pose while we were at it – right?! They are rocking it! (Below on the left) 🙂

Then we headed to Bond Chapel for the interfaith blessing. Such a gorgeous setting!!


Congratulations again Katie and Shaan!! James and I were truly honored to be a part of such an amazingly beautiful and moving weekend filled with so much love! Thank you for allowing us to document it all! xoxo!

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