sneak peek: rebranding (!!)

Well hello there loves and Happy Friday! I’ve had a busy (and exhausting) week – so today’s post is going to be quick. I’ve been getting lots of emails in the last few days asking when my new website will be going live… people wanting me to email them a sneak peek or asking me to “post something somewhere… pleeeease!

So I decided to do a sneak peek (via my blog header) today! (See it?! Up there? Looking all cool and stuff?!)

My designers completed this portion of the process and are incredibly, ridiculously, insanely close to completing my website! It should be live next week – but you’ll just have to wait and see! (I probably should have waited and launched this all together, but we all know how patient I am… and how awesome I am at waiting to show people something when I’m excited about it. Right.)

Anyway, once they get the online presence taken care of – then they are moving over to the print/branding portion of this and designing my business cards, CD sleeve, and thank you cards. (Eeee!!!) I honestly can’t wait to see how everything comes together and am SO excited to have a cohesive look to my business that I feel is incredibly reflective of my style, my taste, and who I am! 🙂

Stayed tuned for more! I definitely won’t let you miss the news when the website goes live!


(In case you forgot who my lovely designer is, here’s a link to her website: Promise Tangeman Creative!!!)

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