james’ small town birthday

James’ 33rd birthday was back on May 8th. I meant to post some pics from the small town festivities, but things got so busy last week with the new website and the CBS piece that I never got to it!

We actually celebrated his birthday the night before, given that Mother’s Day fell on his actual birthday this year. I had originally planned to make him a red velvet cake (as those of you who follow me on Twitter may have already known), but when we arrived at my parent’s house for the weekend, I found my amazing mom in the kitchen – already in the middle of making him a chocolate cake from scratch. (She wins! So I scratched the red velvet cake idea, and figured if I really wanted – I could make it for our anniversary instead.)

It was a small gathering this year since only one of my siblings was able to make it home – but I’m pretty sure we all had a blast regardless!

You know you’re getting old when the room looks like this after you blow out your candles! 😉

Quick cuddle with Phoenix before we head out for the night!

We decided to check out the new wine bar in town – which is pretty sweet and a big deal for our town… well, technically it’s a village, I suppose. (We have a couple bars, a bowling alley, no stop lights and a lot of churches… to give you an idea of its size.)

The guys were big fans of the drinks…

… and mom & I were big fans of the wine! (You can get monster glasses like these for just $5! Totally amazing. For reals. Those would be twice that price in Chicago!)

And they keep the tasty movie-style popcorn coming to your table. Yum-O.

Heading home to end the night…

Phoenix is helping James decide what birthday shot to do with my Dad and brother, Will. (Careful Phoenix, don’t pick any of the bottles with dust on them! ha ha)

Will needed a helmet for this one! (If you’re wondering why we have a random helmet lying around my parent’s house, know that both my mom and dad direct plays in town… so we always have spare props/costumes sitting around… keeps things fun!)

Phoenix is wondering what is wrong with those two guys…

The night would not be complete without James and Will rough-housing. Of course.

And because it was also Mother’s Day weekend… I’ll end with some pretty flower pictures. 🙂

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