Happy Anniversary!!

Yesterday was my parent’s 38th wedding anniversary – crazy, huh?!  Anyway, last night I was surfing around Facebook (per usual) and came across something on my Dad’s wall. (Yes, yes, both my parents have Facebook. :))

You see, my Dad isn’t normally the most public with his emotions and, if you ask me, has never been overly romantic. (Sorry Dad! ha ha) So when I came across this post last night – it got me all choked up (surprise, surprise) and I wanted to share:


I’ve done some dumb things in my life and I’ve done some smart things. The smartest thing I’ve ever done I did 38 years ago today. Happy Anniversary Rose.

(And he included a photo…)


Awww!!  And I have to say – I definitely agree with him!  Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad!  Love you!

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