settling in & lens love

I arrived home from Zihuatanejo late Monday night after a whirlwind of a trip. (Well, really just the flying and sprinting to catch connecting flights – Home Alone style – was a whirlwind… the rest of the trip was wonderfully relaxing and, well, amazing.) I oh-so-smartly took Tuesday off from the ‘day job’ to settle back in – which ended up consisting mostly of replying to the thousands of emails I got while I was away, downloading/reviewing the one million photos I took while in Mexico (which – I of course cannot wait to share with you guys!), and returning the two lenses I rented for the trip… the 35mm 1.4 and the 45mm tilt/shift lens. 
And let me just tell you guys this… I’m kind of in love with the 45mm. I decided nearly immediately after using it that it is the next lens I need to add to my arsenal – for. sure. 
Just so you guys can see what I’m talking about and why I love this lens so much… here are a few photos I took with it while in Mexico… (You can’t tell me you don’t love it too!)  🙂  
(For the curious – the first three photos are views from my hotel room balcony…)  

(The next three were taken at the beach side bar/restaurant where I watched the Oscars on Sunday night…)

*Note for up-and-coming photographers and even photography enthusiasts  — I highly recommend renting lenses and trying them out before you buy them to see if you like them and if they fit your style of work! 🙂 
. . . . . . . 
And because I couldn’t help but share one more photo from the wedding… here is one of the gorgeous bride. I normally am pretty good at keeping myself in check during weddings (i.e. not crying happy tears constantly. Instead, I usually keep them reserved for when the bride walks down the aisle, during the vows and the father/daughter dance) – but this moment got me for some reason. Leyah just looked so absolutely stunning I broke down and started to get pretty choked up in the middle of snapping this photo before we headed to the ceremony location. 
Don’t tell me you aren’t moved by this – I mean, how gorgeous is this woman?! 

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