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Well hello there and good Monday morning to you guys! 🙂 
I had a very busy (and productive) weekend…  including an engagement session on Saturday (which I’m sure you saw if you checked out the sneak peek I posted afterwards). And then on Sunday I photographed a beautiful little, nearly 1-year-old little girl (which, if you follow me on facebook – you saw the pic I posted there as well). 
Aside from that, I was working my way through editing a few prior sessions – including Leyah and Pako’s wedding! 🙂 I was really hoping I’d have their full wedding post ready for today – but it just wasn’t possible. (Probably because I’m including WAY too many pics in the post, but I can’t help it – I love so many of them!) Anyways, I figured it’d be bad to start out the week on little-to-no sleep, so I forced myself to call it a night at a reasonable hour. So instead of having that post for you today – I’m doing a little Mexican installment of Pretty Things! 🙂 
I love to buy things when I go to new places to remember my trip by. It’s just nice to put something on, or use something and have it bring you back to the time you visited that city… don’t you think? 🙂 
So, while I was in Zihuatanejo I made sure to take advantage of the beautiful silver and turquoise they have available there at such ridiculously reasonable prices! 🙂 
Here were my finds… (I’m especially in love with the greenish turquoise ring! The colors look so nice on my currently tan skin, I think. 🙂 James alerted me yesterday that I’ve apparently asked him every day since I returned whether or not I’m still tan. haha I told him that I can’t help it… it’s the first time I’ve had an actual tan in a really long time – so I’m loving it and don’t want it to go away! haha)

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