tanning, tuition and ghosts…

James and I have had quite a busy (and interesting) start to our year… 
The first week of 2011 began with James starting his new job. He’s working 3rd shift at the gym we belong to (yay free memberships! Boo sleeping alone while my husband’s at work!)  And during the day – he’ll be going back to school full-time (yay higher education! Boo tuition payments!) So… this is quite the HUGE transition for us. I’m going from having a husband at home to take care of anything and everything I can possibly think of… to having a husband that is as equally busy as I am. 
Somehow, however, he’s managed to still take care of me and make sure I’m sane and not overly stressed over the course of the past couple weeks. I’m not sure this is fair, and I actually feel kind of guilty about it. As in, I actually think in my head (and sometimes say out loud), Why are you being so nice to me? I clearly don’t think I deserve his kindness – since I act like a raging, overtired, lunatic on a somewhat regular basis upon returning home from my day job. (I’m working on this – and thought I had it under control… until I got a whole new round of deadlines at the office. And in enters – Crazy Christy.) 
Among all these other transitions, strange things have been happening at home. The two keys we had to our car have somehow disappeared into thin air. We literally have searched every nook, cranny, closet, pocket, couch, shoe, toilet, refrigerator, shower, bag and bed in our apartment – to no avail. I actually feel like I may be losing my mind thanks to this… seriously. How can it not be somewhere in the apartment? Actually, let me rephrase – how can TWO SEPARATE KEYS not be anywhere in this apartment?!
And just when I was trying to let it go while making dinner this weekend… I realized our big Pyrex measuring cup has also gone missing. Now that’s random, is it not? It’s no where in the kitchen – not broken and thrown away – not in the dishwasher – not misplaced. Just. Gone. I’m starting to think we have a ghost, because anyone who has been to our place knows it’s not big enough to legitimately lose something in…. so this seems to be the only *logical* explanation. 
Last but not least – to top off the randomness that was the past week or two… James came home with this the other day from work:
Yes, that is a huge (apparently $50) bottle of tanning lotion that J won for answering some tanning trivia questions correctly during a training session. (Because my husband plans on going tanning sometime in the very near future…?! Somehow I doubt that…) 🙂

According to him – there were no other prizes to choose from – so he just picked the lotion that smelled the best… 🙂  ha ha

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