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Let me tell you… it is an interesting time to be a Packer fan living in Chicago. 🙂 
I haven’t done a thing to antagonize any Bears fans I know. Instead, I’m more of the quiet type when it comes to talking trash to other teams. I just remain silent in the days leading up to the game and smile a lot after we win. That almost drives people more crazy than if you’re all loud about it, right? 🙂 
But for some reason – regardless of my quiet nature regarding the big Bears vs. Packers game in Chicago this coming weekend – I’ve still been getting harassed all week by anybody and everybody I meet (especially a few of my wonderful co-workers). 😉 
A guy at the car dealership prodded me about being a Packer fan in Chicago… the guy that sells supplies to our office gave me a hard time… one of my bosses suggested I bring in a Wisconsin cheese tray for the office “after the Bears beat the Packers…” 
Oh yeah – and I came in to work the other day to find a lovely, HUGE, Bears poster hung on the wall directly in front of my desk (see below) – along with an email including a picture of the 1985 Bears team in it. And not to mention Bears songs via text message that I some how cannot turn off or silence once I open them (even if I’m in public and mortified at the sheer volume of this irritating multimedia message…). And I’ve been getting harassed in lots of small, indirect ways too… (see the RedEye below from yesterday? Public Enemy #1: Beware, Chicago! Packers fans are among us – approach local Cheeseheads with caution. I kid you not – read the cover for yourself! ha ha)

It’s been quite a week. I’ve been silently taking it in and smiling to myself. Hoping to God that come next Monday… nobody in Chicago will be running their mouths anymore, because we will have won.  🙂

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