puffy vests

There’s nothing like wearing a puffy vest around the house in the winter time… especially when you live in an apartment with a freezing cold, unheated laundry room/basement underneath it and you can feel an arctic breeze blowing up through the floorboards at all times. (Yes, it feels as wonderful as it sounds ladies and gentlemen!)
Here are just a few of the reasons I love puffy vests indoors…

  • They easily fit over any shirt/sweater. 
  • They leave your arms free to dance/punch/move without any difficulty. 
  • They keep you just the right amount of toasty. 
  • And most important – they look great on all the ladies in the household… don’t you think? 🙂
(*We* got so sleepy during our 2-second-long photo shoot that *we* couldn’t help but yawn…) 🙂
FYI – The vest Phoenix is wearing is a hand-me down vest of mine from a few years ago. She is a much happier dog in our chilly apartment since I put this on her a day or two ago (i.e. she’s eating again – not just constantly curled up in a teensy little ball on the bed under covers). 
Plus, she looks pretty darn cute – so that’s a bonus. She even likes to put the hood up while she sleeps to stay extra toasty. Yes, it’s as adorable as it sounds. 🙂
**Stay tuned for 2010 in review: best of weddings tomorrow! 🙂 

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