christmas at the tyler’s

I finally took a moment for myself (& my little family) to get our place decorated for the holidays… and I must say – it makes me one very happy girl.
I was telling James, after I put the lights on the tree, that something about having a Christmas tree in the house – all lit up and decorated – makes me feel incredibly peaceful. Perhaps it’s the memories from my childhood of laying on the couch at night, squinting at the tree so all the lights would twinkle and shine in unison, that calms me.
I’m not sure what it is – but something about it makes me forget about all of my to-do lists… it makes me forget all of my worries… it even makes me forget for a moment that I’m an ‘adult’. For once in my hyper, go-go-go existence – I can just sit on the couch – hot cocoa in hand – cuddled up in a blanket – candles lit… and gaze at the tree…    and breathe….      in…   and   …   out…
It’s a wonderful thing. I’d leave it up all year if I could.
Phoenix is testing out her Christmas pajamas…
(I believe she’s thinking: Mom, you better not post this picture on your blog!)

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