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I know it’s totally cliche to talk about the things you’re thankful for on Thanksgiving… but I can’t help it this year. I’m just way too thankful not to talk about it … the kind of thankful where I almost can’t believe it and I’m waiting for the bottom to fall out (but really hoping it won’t). 
This year has been insane for me in lots of great ways. I honestly can’t believe the outpouring of love and positivity I’ve received from family and friends. I can’t tell you how many jobs I’ve booked because someone who I haven’t seen in years referred me to a friend… or someone who follows my blog (and we’ve since become friends, although we’ve never met in person) shares my information with a family member. I wanted to make sure you all know how much it means to me. I’m humbled on a daily basis by your support… Thank you – from the bottom of my heart. 
And as wonderful as this year has been to me – it’s also been very stressful, draining, and worn me thin. This kind of wear and tear on a person inevitably rubs off on their partner… even if you try not to let it. I’ve worked to make a conscious effort to be present this year. To take time off to spend with James and my family and friends – but I know I haven’t always been great about it. I’ve definitely realized that starting your own business is a learning process and I know I have LOTS of learning to do… especially the part about balancing work with the rest of your life.  
During this year of officially ‘starting up’ my business (while also working a full-time job) – I am SO unbelievably, beyond grateful that I have a loving, confident, strong, supportive, and understanding (there aren’t enough adjectives for this) husband to help me along the way. Instead of getting irritated or angry that I’m working most nights until midnight or later – he tells me it’s okay because I’m headed towards my dreams and he can’t wait for me to get there. He asks what he can do to help and makes sure I take days off – not just for us – but for my own sanity. He cleans the house, does the dishes, does the laundry (people – I haven’t done laundry in over a year at least… I think I forgot how)… he grocery shops, washes the pup, gives me back rubs & foot rubs, plays with my hair – and most importantly – keeps me laughing and smiling through all the craziness. 
I know this isn’t easy for him. I know this isn’t what we pictured our second year of marriage being – and there are nights when we both say, “Remember when every night used to feel like date night? When we’d go out to eat all the time and drink ourselves silly? When we’d watch movies – or just lay in bed and talk? I miss those nights…” At the same time we know life doesn’t stay like that forever. We know that life is sometimes hard or stressful – and that all the hard times make the good times all the sweeter. 
And I know the good times wouldn’t be nearly as sweet if I didn’t have someone to share them with. So James – more than anything else today… on this day of thanks – I want to thank you. I hope.hope.hope you realize how much your support means to me. I absolutely could not do this without you…  Thank you love.

Hugs and kisses to you all on this Thanksgiving day! xoxo!

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