Today I’m feeling anxious. 
Anxious to get home and be with my family. Anxious for some non-work time with my husband (days of it!). Anxious to sleep in… to laugh… to enjoy some wine… to play some board games… to catch up with aunts, uncles and cousins I haven’t seen in a while. 
I’m anxious to run a family race (that I kind of forgot to train for). I’m anxious to eat lots of food and watch football. Anxious to go bowling later that night and ‘cheers’ to another holiday with family over a kamikaze shot. (It’s our ‘family shot’ – is that strange? to have a family shot?) Anxious to see a movie the day after Thanksgiving… and to dress up for our annual ‘cousins theme party’ at our family cabin/ski hill (the theme this year is ’90’s sitcom characters! Yes!).
I’m anxious for it all. I just want it to be here. I want to be there – taking in all the love and joy that is my entire, massive family. My grandma and grandpa would be so proud of what we are today – as close as ever, even in their absence… carrying on traditions that have been with us for years and adding new ones to the mix with each new generation. 
I can’t wait to be home with my family.

(There were more pies elsewhere in the room – you need a lot when you have 50-60 people!)
(Getting dressed for our theme party last year… Onesies!)

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