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I’m a sensible shoe shopper. I only buy shoes I know I can wear in lots of different situations. And I only buy shoes that I know won’t kill my feet (i.e. mostly flats or nearly flats – especially since I busted my feet up something fierce by dancing ballet on pointe as a teenager…)
But lately I’ve been feeling the need to step out of my normal rules and boundaries and get some shoes just because I like them. Not because they make sense – or because I have somewhere in mind to wear them – or because I can wear them to dinner out and to the office.
No – lately I’ve been wanting to buy a pair of shoes just because they make me feel good.
So I did. And you know what? They make me feel better than good. 
Now I just need to find somewhere to wear them!

(What’s even better – they are actually comfortable! It’s kind of shocking really. The straps give them lots of support and keep them on my feet. Plus there is a bit of a hidden platform under the toes so they aren’t as high as they look!)

For the curious – I purchased them at Ann Taylor LOFT while a fabulous sale was going on. I wasn’t a huge fan of that store a few years back – but now they’re geared more for a younger crowd (or maybe I’m just getting older???) and I love a lot of their stuff lately! (I’m also smitten with these ridiculously comfy corduroys that I got during the same sale.)

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