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As some of you know (if you’ve seen any of my recent facebook statuses), I’m at the tail end of a 4-day weekend. However, rather than it being a legit, relaxing, long weekend… it was a busy, packed-to-the-brim weekend where I only got to spend about 4 hours total with James. I dragged him along to Wisconsin for the weekend because for some reason I thought I’d have some spare time to hang out and relax with him at my parent’s house. Well, it turned out that I was out and about shooting nearly the entire weekend – which resulted in pretty much no ‘us’ time. (And the time we did have I was so wiped out I just laid on the couch all zombie-like and begged him to rub my feet – so, not exactly fun for him.)
By the end of the day on Sunday I really started to notice the lack of time together was getting to James (especially when he asked during the car ride back to Chicago if I only brought him along for the weekend so he could be my chauffeur – he drove to WI and back, and also picked me up from the wedding I shot on Saturday). 
At that moment I realized… I. Need. A. Day. Off. 
Not my usual “day off from the office” that consists of editing pictures and responding to clients all day long. But a true day off from everything. (That’s the thing about running your own business – it’s hard to force yourself to stop working – especially when you what you do. I’m still working on this balance… and needless to say, I’m not so good at it yet.)
So today is a James and I day. (You’re probably wondering why I’m blog posting then…? Well, he did his usual ridiculously early morning workout thing today from 5:30-9:30am, so he’s napping for the moment to re-energize before our “date day.”) We’re going to watch a bunch of movies while we carve pumpkins, make dinner together, talk and laugh and reconnect. Hopefully I can remind him why he married me… that I’m not just a crazy work-a-holic, but also a fun, goofy, spaz of a wife who can make him smile. 🙂 

And for your viewing pleasure… some photos from my favorite time of year back in Wisconsin:

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