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Connor ~ Wisconsin & Chicago On Location Senior Portraits

I absolutely love when people contact me and say…. “I know you normally do weddings, but have you ever shot __________?” Because my answer is usually either “Yes”, or “Not yet, but I’d LOVE to!” I know everybody says you need a niche in this industry – and while I absolutely agree to an extent,...

Nick ~ Wisconsin Senior Portrait Photography

I’m sure you all remember the beautiful Elizabeth from last week’s senior portrait session I posted. Well, Nick is Elizabeth’s cousin – and as you may notice – the locations of their two sessions are the same! That’s because we did a double senior session, so while one was shooting the other was changing into...

Elizabeth ~ Wisconsin Senior Portrait Photography

A couple of weeks ago I shot my first senior portrait session,  and I have to admit… I didn’t think this was something I’d be that interested in doing on a regular basis. But once I got there and shot a few frames with Elizabeth – I was hooked! I’m not sure what it was...

Gigantic Sneak Peek! ~ Chicago Wedding Photographer

I’ve been rather busy ’round these parts lately – so I thought I’d give you a little sneak peek of what I’ve been up to until I can get these full posts up in the next couple of day/weeks! Enjoy! 🙂     Stay tuned for full posts from all of these sessions soon!!! 🙂

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