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Self-Employment ~ Lessons Learned ~ Three Cheers for Office Days

In case the title of this post doesn’t give you a big enough clue…. I’m SUPER STOKED that I realized I needed to schedule in work days months in advance into my calendar this year – JUST FOR WORKING. No meetings. No shoots. No outside plans. Just an empty day on the calendar – dedicated...

Update: Daily Essentials for Happiness ~ Self-Employment Struggles

(If you read this title and are already confused – then hop on over to the post I wrote a couple weeks ago about my Daily Essentials for Happiness before reading this one!) It’s been almost 3 weeks since I announced that I was going to start utilizing a spreadsheet compiled of my “Daily Essentials for...

FAQ: Tips for Meeting with Potential Clients

Those of you that are wedding photographers know that we are in the midst of another booking season. There are a couple different times throughout the year when suddenly we are inundated with inquiries from potential clients, but I’d have to say that around the holidays and immediately following is always one of the busiest....

FAQ: On Loyalty & Referrals ~ Chicago Wedding Photographer

Lately I’ve had quite a few people contacting me asking me how I go about creating loyalty from my clients and blog readers, resulting in repeat clientele and referrals. While I’m aware this happens (and I realize it has been happening more frequently in the past year), I honestly had not put much thought into exactly...

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