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Family Thanksgiving in Film 2014

I decided since I was in the middle of a TON of catching up on editing that this year I’d shoot our family Thanksgiving celebration and traditions on film instead of digital, so I could just mail it out and get the scans back and ready to share!! Obviously this was a bit tough, considering...

Seattle ~ Pacific Northwest Trip in Film

This week is going to be a slew of film photos of our trip to the Pacific Northwest!!! We only took our Mamiya film camera and our iPhones on this trip – which was a refreshingly light load to carry compared to normal! I did my best to shoot everything in film, but we have a decent...

4th of July in Small Town Wisconsin ~ Personal Film Work

James and I magically had no weddings over the 4th of July weekend this year and so we took this rare summer weekend off to spend it with family and friends back in my hometown! I come from a verrrrrry small town in Wisconsin (technically it is a Village… thankyouverymuch), and they do the 4th...

Kids on Film ~ Chicago Film Photographer

When we were home over Easter I decided to pull out my Mamiya and shoot a roll of the kids goofing off! (I should note: I hadn’t fully anticipated how difficult and frustrating that might be… haha! Props to any family photographers out there who shoot film!) As I was getting the camera set up my...

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