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Why don’t you ‘just’ Adopt? ~ Our Infertility Journey

  Since I’ve been sharing this journey so openly on our blog and social media over the past couple years (and especially lately, with the daily posts of updates about our IVF cycle, which show how all-consuming this process is) – I’ve been asked the following question enough that I thought I should finally address it here… “Why don’t you ‘just’...

Next Steps + A Step Back ~ Our Infertility Journey

Well you guys…  I’m not really sure where to start…? For those of you that follow me on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook… you most likely saw my post on Friday letting you all know that we found out that I was not pregnant and that our 2nd round of IUI had not been successful. I’m...

Looking in from the outside ~ Our Infertility Journey

I’ve been trying to transition to not only shooting film on vacations and trips we take, but also shooting it at home just for the heck of it – instead of constantly documenting life with my iPhone around here. Last month after we had a particularly difficult doctor’s appointment, we went out for lunch and...

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