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8 Years ~ A Lifetime Ago

Eight years ago last night I first (officially) met the man I would marry, Mr. James Tyler. 🙂     The story itself was one for the books (you can read it in all its crazy rom-com hilarity here, if you’re curious), but what was even better was all that came after. It’s funny –...

Infertility Journey Update ~ A Personal Post

Whew. This post has been weighing on my chest a bit the past week. I knew I needed to write something because the words have been bouncing around in my brain, driving me crazy. I knew that I wanted to share what we’ve been up to – but I didn’t know where to begin. And honestly… I...

Lemonade out of Lemons ~ Our Infertility Journey

James and I had a consultation with our fertility doctor late yesterday afternoon, after which I realized that we have developed a newfound tradition of forgetting about our to-do list and focusing on “us” post-appointment. Instead of running home to get back to work, one of us always suggests we head out and grab a...

Dear Friends + Words that Resonate ~ Our Infertility Journey

The other day my dear friend, Jessica, posted this amazing quote on Instagram that resonated so much with me and I haven’t stopped thinking about it since. (Side note: Friends that make you think harder about life and push you to be a better person are really the best, aren’t they?) So of course I...

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