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Self-Employment: Month 11 ~ Chicago Wedding Photographer

Wow. I can’t believe it has almost been a year since I quit my job at the law firm! It is amazing the journey we’ve been on this past 11 months and how far we’ve come! Reading back on the entries from other months I’m pretty sure that almost every month I thought I had...

Self-Employment: Month 10 ~ Chicago Wedding Photographer

I clearly missed the ball on this one. I was supposed to post this on the 19th and here we are – already July 24th! I remember being amazed when it was the 4th of July (which felt like yesterday) and now here we are – already rolling right into August next week! Anyway –...

Self-Employment: Month 9 ~ Chicago Wedding Photographer

You know what? 9 months in and I think I’m finally getting somewhat of a hang of having a life balance (at least a little). During busy season this fall right after I went full-time I felt guilty every moment I wasn’t working. I thought if I blogged or facebooked or tweeted about anything non-work...

Self-Employment: Month 8 ~ Chicago Wedding Photographer

Yesterday James informed me that he keeps track of how old Chloe is based on what month of self-employment post I’m doing. 🙂 haha She was apparently 4 months when we got her + 8 months = means she is now a year old! Crazy talk! And his pointing that out reminded me that somehow...

Self-Employment: Month 7 ~ Chicago Wedding Photographer

I have to be honest with you – I hadn’t even realized another month passed until I received the sweetest, most random, and lovely package in the mail from one of my former wedding couples yesterday along with a note congratulating me on 7 months of self-employment! After I stopped crying happy tears (because I...

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