the whole fam-damily

This week over the holiday – I get to see ALL of my siblings – in one place – at one time! Do you know how happy this makes me?! 🙂  
It’s been quite a while since we’ve all managed to be back at my parent’s house together (Christmas last year may have been last time, actually). Since Josh moved to Florida a year and a half ago, and Ben moved to NYC this past fall… it’s becoming increasingly rare to have all five of us together. And let me tell you – it’s a special kind of *crazy* when we all are in the same place. (And I love it.) 
So needless to say… I’m really looking forward to spending the holiday with my family. My whole family. 🙂

(I know, I know – I look extra special in this pic… I was very serious about giving bunny ears, okay?!)

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